Full Service Traditional and Online Housing, Registration, Travel and Technology for Domestic and International Programs

Meeting & Event Planners

Get the best of both worlds!
Old fashioned service with a modern technological approach to meeting fulfillment and planning!

Offering A Fully Integrated, Single Database Online

  • Housing & Registration
  • Meeting Management & Budgeting
  • Paper Submission & Scheduling
  • Air Travel Arrangements
  • Car Rental and Ground Transportation

Call Center & Account Management

  • Reservations Processing & Onsite Housing Support
  • Advanced and Onsite Registration Processing & Management
  • Site Inspection and Hotel and Venue Contract Negotiation
  • Sub-Block Management and Suite Control
  • Air Ticketing, Car Rental and Ground Transportation Reservations

Offering Associations, Societies, Trade Show Management Companies, Corporations, Colleges and Universities a process to Limit Attrition and Cancellation liability while offering complete comprehensive choices for their Attendees and Exhibitors.

  • Customized Hotel and Venue Contracts
  • Limit Attrition and Cancellation Liability
  • Contracted room block reservation processing
  • Overflow and above and after cut off room block management
  • Cancel and Replace Room block management
  • Waitlist Room block Management

Online Reporting

  • Encrypted and Password Protected Reporting
  • Accounting and Demographic Detail Reports
  • Detailed Contracted "Room Block" and "Around the Block" Reservation Reports
  • Economic Impact Reports
  • A variety of standard reports plus custom report capabilities

For further Information, please contact:

Globetrotter Meetings
1 800 322 7032 or 301-570-0800
or fax 301-570-5670

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